Our comprehensive rehabilitation and construction services are available to private clients, owners’ associations, property managers and the public authorities. We have 20 years’ experience operating throughout the Garraf region as a consolidated, leading company.

1- Comprehensive building rehabilitation

When we perform comprehensive building rehabilitation, the goal is to return the building to its original state. We do an in-depth study to discover what’s wrong with the building and then decide on the best solutions, using top-quality materials and the techniques needed to return it to good working order. Not only do we guarantee that the structure is safe, we also ensure the building is watertight and damp proof, add thermal insulation, and repair water, gas, electricity and sewage networks.

2- Rehabilitation of period, listed and/or protected buildings

Every time we restore a building, we study its issues and its style. That’s how we make sure we get optimal results while restoring its original appearance and identity. We always respect the architectural style.

3- New builds

When performing new builds, we provide comprehensive technical consultancy, plans and architects. We organise the paperwork, permits and everything else required. That’s how we produce a project that’s customised to the client’s style.
While carrying out the build, we perform exhaustive monitoring from start to finish.
We work with quality materials and always adapt to the client’s needs.

4 – Interior renovations

Our company performs all types of interior renovation: bathrooms, kitchens, paving, metalwork, plaster boarding, plastering, tiling and general painting. We’re always in the company of the best professionals, both during the execution and on the technical side.

5- Work at height

As experts in working at height, we can restore, paint and repair areas that are hard to access and where scaffolding isn’t an option. Our professionals have the official certifications required to perform this type of work.

6- Public works – public authorities

We have extensive experience in this sphere and are pleased to make a small contribution to improving public property. It’s a pleasure to be able to work towards improving life in a town, whether this takes place in schools, making classrooms more comfortable and playgrounds more secure, in the street, making pavements smooth and wide, or by creating a public space that everyone wants to visit. The goal? To work together to make our towns shine.

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