Group Alvid

Group Alvid has its own consolidated team, the members of which perform the entire rehabilitation and construction process, from organising the paperwork, initial technical consultancy on the works (architect and surveyor), permits and financial assistance, to carrying out the works.

We’re experts in restoring façades from different periods and in different styles. We perform structural reinforcements, renovate business premises, replace sanitation networks and, in general, do any jobs necessary for a building to return to good working condition.

When we rehabilitate a building, we correct its structure and make sure it functions properly.
Not only do we guarantee that the structure is sound, we also ensure the building is watertight and damp proof, add thermal insulation, and repair water, gas, electricity and sewage networks.

We also have extensive experience in public works: replacing underground pipes, building wells, creating and stabilising slopes, adapting public spaces, and improving public roads.

Always in the company of the best professionals, we pride ourselves on a job well done, which is why we surround ourselves with trusted companies. That’s the philosophy that has made us a highly reputed company in the Garraf region.

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