As you all know, we are going through a difficult time due to the health crisis we are experiencing due to Covid 19.
We as a company want to transmit from here all the Security, tranquility and responsibility for any execution of work by us.
We are carrying out all the security measures and protocols to follow in each work we do.
Adapting each day better, very prepared and with great strength to continue with our activity in complete safety.

We carry out an action plan against Covid 19 in each work, which consists of:
– Personal hygiene: Hand washing, temperature, each worker will have all the necessary Epis (mask, gloves …)
And they will be informed at all times of all the processes to follow within the work.

– Cleaning the work environment (on site)
Cleaning and disinfection of surfaces that may have been exposed or come into contact with secretions will be carried out.

We will use hydroalcoholic gels and liquid disinfectants to spray with a sulfate sprayer.

– We will adopt some organizational measures in the workplace:
In each work we will prepare an action plan where all the phases that we will carry out will be explained and detailed, to avoid crowds with the industrialists and guarantee the safety distance.
When the slightest indication is found that any worker or site personnel show symptoms of the disease, the established health protocol will be strictly followed.

We are prepared, and we will continue with our energy of always doing what we know best … giving ourselves body and soul with our project and with everything we do.